Cost of Pet Cremation

The overall cost of cremating your pet depends on several factors:

  • The type of pet
  • Weight and/or size
  • The chosen type of cremation (communal, partitioned, or private)
  • Any special services, such as home pick up
  • The urn or other memorial product you select

Specific costs may vary, but the guidelines below will give you an idea of the average cost depending on the factors involved.

Type and Size

Pet crematories partially base their rates on the relative size of the pet being cremated. Pocket pets (hamsters, birds, reptiles, etc.) are the smallest and least expensive to cremate. Large pets (goats, pigs, horses, etc.) are the most expensive to cremate. Some crematories may charge as little as $35 to cremate a pocket pet, while the cost of cremating a horse may range anywhere from $300 to $1500. 

Type of Cremation Method

For dogs and cats, the main factor influencing the price for basic cremation services depends upon whether you choose communal, partitioned, or private cremation.  Prices will vary by location, but a general starting point is $75-150.

Communal Cremation

As a way to save costs, some cremation providers offer communal cremation. This method involves more than one pet being cremated at the same time, with no physical barrier to prevent a pet’s ashes from mingling with others. The cost of a communal cremation may be as low as $50 – $65.

Partitioned Cremation

A partitioned cremation involves cremating several pets at one time, using physical barriers (bricks, trays, etc.) inside the cremation chamber to maintain separation of the pets’ ashes from one another. Prices for a partitioned cremation will vary depending upon the size of your pet. Pocket pets (birds, hamsters, reptiles, etc.) start at $95.00 for a partitioned cremation, where a cat or a rabbit and other smaller pets start at $160.00 for a partitioned cremation.

Private Cremation

A private cremation is the most expensive pet cremation option. In a private cremation, the body of only one pet is present in the cremation chamber. Private cremations generally range from around $125 to $275.

Home Pick Up

Pet cremation prices may or may not include removal fees. Many veterinarians have a contract with a crematory that includes pickup from their clinic. If your pet dies at the veterinarian clinic, there may not be a charge for the pickup, if the clinic has a relationship with a pet cremation service.

Most pet cremation services will offer a removal service, usually for an additional fee.  In most areas, if you request that the crematory come to your home to pick up your pet, rather than the veterinarian clinic, you may be charged an average of $50 – $75 in addition to the basic cremation services.

Urns and Other Memorial Products

Pet cremation providers can assist you in memorializing your pet through a wide variety of urns and other products. If you intend to scatter the ashes of your pet, you may opt for a temporary urn, which may be included in the basic cremation cost.

If you intend to store your pet’s ashes, permanent urns are available from either the pet cremation provider or online sources. Prices can vary greatly depending on the size needed, the materials used, and whether you are purchasing directly from a wholesale retailer or from the pet crematory.


Some pet cremation services offer packages that combine the cost of basic cremation with other services and products. By choosing a package, you may be able to save money while receiving the services and products you want to provide a lasting and memorable tribute to your pet.




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