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Places to bury cremated remains

cremation vaultCremated remains can be buried just as you would bury a casket. How you do it and what is required depends on where you want the urn buried. The most common is a cemetery or a meaningful spot on private property.


You can bury cremated remains in a biodegradable urn for an organic burial or in a beautiful cremation urn preserved in a burial vault. Check with the cemetery for the requirements for burying the urn.

Most cemeteries require that the urn be placed into an urn vault. A cremation urn vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the cremation urn, protecting it from the weight of the earth and cemetery maintenance equipment that will pass over it. Lined urn vaults provide protection from subsoil elements while preventing the ground from settling, thus maintaining the beauty of the grounds.

Families that bury the urn can have a graveside service just like a traditional funeral with a casket and vault burial at the cemetery.

Private Property

If you choose to bury the urn on private property, you will of course need to get permission. An urn vault would still be recommended as it protects the urn from the weight of the earth on top and also prevents sinking if a vehicle is driven over the area.

One thing to consider when burying on your own property is how long you plan to live there. What would you do if you sold the property and moved?