What are some creative ways I can memorialize my pet?

If you cremate your pet, some options may include:
•   Scatter the ashes in a place that was special to you and your pet
•   Aerial scattering from a plane
•   Scattering into the sea
•   Incorporate the ashes into a piece of memorial jewelry
•   Place the ashes in a biodegradable urn and bury them with a seedling that will be nourished by the ashes
•   Have a synthetic diamond made from the pet’s fur

If you bury your pet, some options may include:
•   Personalized grave stones
•   Planting a shrub or tree in honor of the pet
•   Photographic etched headstones

If either option is chosen, you could:
•   Create a memorial service and have family members attend
•   Make a donation in honor of your pet to a local animal shelter