What is an individual cremation?

“Individual pet cremation” can refer to one of two methods of cremation. Most commonly, the pet will be placed alone in the cremation chamber, and cremated. However, some cremation providers may define “individual” cremation as placing the bodies of several pets in the cremation chamber, but keeping them individually separated through some physical means such as clay bricks, separate cremation trays, etc. Even though the bodies are physically separated, some unavoidable mingling of the ashes of the cremated pets is possible when this method is used.

When discussing pet cremation with a cremation provider, it is very important to ask the provider for clarification on exactly what they mean by the following terms: private cremation, individual cremation, partitioned pet cremation, and communal (or community) pet cremation. In the pet cremation industry, there are currently no absolutely standardized definitions of these terms, so it is important to be sure you understand what the pet cremation provider means when they use these definitions.