What is “tracking” and what does it mean in regards to pet cremation?

“Tracking” is a process similar to the concept of “chain of custody,” a system used in legal proceedings to document the transfer of evidence from one person to another. Chain of custody is used to prove that the evidence has not been altered or tampered with in any way since it was obtained.

Tracking serves a similar purpose in pet cremation. A tracking system will ensure that from the time the crematory receives the pet’s body, it is assigned a unique tracking number that will accompany the body throughout the entire cremation process. For example, a metal tag with a unique serial number may be placed with the body during intake, and the tag number and owner’s name recorded. The tag will remain with the body until cremation is complete. It may then be handed to the pet owner along with the ashes. This eliminates the chance of mixing up the cremated remains and returning the pet’s ashes to the wrong owner.