What questions do I need to ask when looking for a place to help me with my pet’s cremation?

•    Do you offer individual cremation as well as communal cremation?
•    Will I receive the remains back?
•    Do you have a system in place for tracking my pet’s remains throughout the entire cremation process?
•    What services are included and what services cost extra?
•    May I tour the facility?
•    May I be present at the time you cremate my pet?
•    Are you licensed with the State to perform cremations?
•    Are you members of any industry organizations, such as Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, and the Cremation Association of
North America?
•    Can you provide references?
•    What other products and services do you carry? Do you sell cremation urns and other products designed for storage or burial of the cremated remains?