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Glossary of Funeral Terms

Funeral & Cremation Terms

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There are 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
General Price List
The General Price List (GPL) is a written, itemized price list that every funeral home is required by law to provide to consumers upon request. It lists all the items and services that the funeral home offers, along with the cost of each item or service.
A place in the ground that is used to bury the remains of the deceased.
Grave Marker
Grave markers, commonly known as headstones, tombstones, or gravestones, are placed over the grave to mark the resting place of the deceased
Graveside Service
Also known as a “committal service,” the graveside service is held at the gravesite before the body or urn is buried, or in the crematory chapel prior to cremation.
Green Funeral
A funeral designed around concepts, practices, and options that are considered "eco-friendly," for example, the use of biodegradeable materials for burial containers, etc.