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Glossary of Funeral Terms

Funeral & Cremation Terms

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As stated on its website, the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the standards, ethics, and professionalism of pet cemeteries and crematories worldwide.
Immediate Burial
The direct burial of the deceased usually performed without embalming, or a formal viewing, visitation, or ceremony. A simple graveside ceremony may be held instead.
Individual Pet Cremation
This term can refer to one of two methods of cremation. Most commonly, the pet will be placed alone in the cremation chamber, and cremated. However, some cremation providers may define “individual” cremation as placing the bodies of several pets in the cremation chamber, but keeping them individually separated through some physical means such as clay bricks, separate cremation trays, etc. Even though the bodies are physically separated, some unavoidable mingling of the ashes of the cremated pets is possible when this method is used.
Inflation-Proof Contract
An inflation-proof contract must be funded 100% in advance. The prices of services and merchandise are guaranteed to be covered at the time of need, despite any cost increases due to inflation.
The act of placing a body in a grave or tomb.
Irrevocable Contract
An irrevocable contract must be used solely for the purpose of paying for funeral expenses. Most people choose to make their pre-funding irrevocable because they want to ensure that the money will be there to pay for their funeral in the future.