Shipping Cremated Remains

Fusps - label for shipping cremated remainsrom the NFDA  “Effective December 26, 2013, the United States Postal Service (USPS) revised its policy pertaining to the shipment of cremated remains. Cremated remains may no longer be sent domestically or internationally via Registered Mail Service. Priority Mail Express is the only option for sending cremated remains via the USPS.”

While the cost will be more, the change is likely for the extra care and handling given to Priority Mail Express packages. Registered Mail simply is simply a signature proof of delivery which is included with Priority Mail Express. What you don’t get with Registered Mail is special handling.

Shipping cremated remains can be handled only by the United States Post Office. FedEx, UPS or other carriers do not ship cremated remains. This may change in the future but for now, the post office is the only choice.

Shipping cremated remains is occurring more frequently for several reasons.

More families are choosing direct cremation
This means a simple cremation with no services. Remains are returned to the family. Some families may pick up the remains and other times they are shipped.

Death away from home
It is less expensive to have someone cremated and send the remains back than it is to ship the body only to have it cremated when it returns. In these cases, remains would be shipped.