How long will this grief over losing my pet last?

Above all else, honor your feelings. Do not try to minimize your loss or the feelings you are experiencing as a result. The relationship and love you shared with your pet was very real, and deserves to be remembered through grieving its loss. Do not listen to people who may say, “It was only a dog,” or “You should really move on,” or “Just get another dog/cat/pet”.

Every person is different and so is their grief. Each person will follow a different path toward healing. Although there is no right or wrong amount of time to complete the grieving process, many experts agree that it is not unusual to take at least a year to move through the grieving process.

The duration of the mourning process can also be influenced by the amount of support you receive, if you have suffered other losses within the recent past, and other factors. If you find your grief is persistent and disruptive to the point it impacts your daily functions, please seek counseling.