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About Cremation.com

Our mission is to help consumers learn about cremation and find the right provider for their family.

How we help families

Our website provides information on cremation, funerals and end-of-life planning. Families with an immediate need, or those that are planning in advance, can compare the profiles and service offerings of local participating funeral homes to find the right provider for their family.

How we help funeral providers

We help funeral homes promote their services with a business profile page on the #1 cremation website.   Unlike a directory that just lists names and numbers, our platform lets funeral homes list the services they offer in an easy-to-understand format. We provide tools that let at-need and pre-need families connect directly with the funeral home for service inquiries.

How we make money

We make money by helping funeral homes connect with families online who are looking for cremation services. Featured Providers are providers with whom we have a commercial relationship.  Featured Providers show up on more pages and are displayed more prominently.

For more information about Cremation.com, please email [email protected].