Traveling with Cremated Remains: Navigating TSA Rules and Regulations

A pending lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) brings new attention to the complex rules and issues involving transportation …

An Updated Look at Cremation in the United States

The Huffington Post recently published an article accompanied by an infographic charting the rise of cremation in the United States. …

Funeral Options Can Include Collecting the DNA of the Deceased

Funeral consumers are now provided the option of collecting their deceased loved one’s DNA. Of course, some may wonder why anyone would want to collect DNA from a deceased person. The first question that must be answered: Exactly what is DNA?

Traditional Funerals Decline in Ontario
cremation vs. traditional burial

A changing public attitude toward end-of-life ceremonies is at work transforming Ontario’s funeral industry. Funeral homes in Ontario have observed a noticeable decline in requests for “traditional” funerals over the last generation.

A traditional funeral usually involves two days of visitation followed by interment in a cemetery. However, alternatives to these traditional funerals are on the rise. Some consumers are looking for low-cost options, including cremation. In Ontario, cremation has replaced burial as the most common choice. Others are opting for ceremonies that are less religious-centered, and focus more on a remembrance and celebration of the life of the deceased.

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