Can I schedule or reserve a burial in a National Cemetery? How do I do this?

Yes. There are two main steps in the process. The following information is provided by the National Cemetery Administration web site. For detailed information, visit

First, you must submit documentation of eligibility to the National Cemetery Scheduling Office. You can do this by either faxing the appropriate documentation to 1-866-900-6417, or you can scan and email the documentation to Acceptable forms of discharge documents may be found at

Second, you must call the Scheduling Office at 1-800-535-1117 with the following information, as required by the Scheduling Office:
•   Cemetery of choice
•   First or subsequent burial (Veteran or dependent already buried)
•   If subsequent interment, who is already interred, section and site number (if known)
•   Decedent’s full name, gender, SSN, date of death, date of birth and relationship (Veteran or dependent)
•   Contact Info (funeral director’s name as well as the name, address, and E-mail address of the funeral home)
•   Next of kin information (name, relationship to deceased, SSN, phone number, address)
•   Type of religious emblem for headstone (if known)
•   Did the decedent reside within 75 miles of requested cemetery?
•   ZIP code of decedent at time of death
•   County of decedent at time of death
•   Type of burial (casket or cremation)
•   Marital status of deceased (if Veteran is buried in a private cemetery, must provide documentation of marital status of spouse at time of death)
•   Casket size/liner size/urn size/urn vault size
•   Is surviving spouse a Veteran?
•   Any disabled children for future interment (must provide name and date of birth). If requesting immediate interment (must provide marital status, doctor’s statement stating type of
illness, date of onset of illness and capability of self-support).
•   Military Honors requested