What questions should I ask when looking for a cremation provider?

It is important to remember that not all cremation providers are the same. You should not base your decision on the price alone. You should also make sure you are getting a quote for the complete cost.

Some Questions You Should Ask The Cremation Provider Include:
  • Are you a member of any industry organizations like the Cremation Association of North America?
  • Do you follow a code of ethics?
  • Do you perform your own cremations, and if not, who performs the cremations? Where are they located?
  • Can I schedule an appointment to meet the staff face-to-face and tour your facility?
  • Can I witness the cremation?
  • How soon after receiving the deceased do you perform the cremation?
  • Do you keep the body refrigerated until cremation?
  • Do you require identification of the body prior to cremation?
  • What kind of tracking system do you use to make sure I receive the correct cremated remains?
  • How will you return the ashes, if no urn is provided prior to cremation?
  • What is your policy on holding cremated remains after cremation?
  • How do you dispose of prosthetics and artificial devices?
  • May I have references of other families you have served in the past?
  • Do you offer any kind of guarantee on your services?
  • Do you offer any options for memorialization or other gatherings of remembrance for my loved one?
  • Is your staff certified and up to date on the proper use of the cremation equipment and care of the┬ábody and cremated remains?