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Cremation Caskets

There is a wide variety of cremation caskets available for direct cremation or a funeral service with visitation as well as many Eco-friendly “green burial” and Jewish caskets from which you may choose. They range in price from under $100 to $3,000 average retail.

cardboard casketCremation caskets for direct cremation.

Choosing a cremation casket depends on your personal preference as well as what purpose that casket will serve. If you are considering a simple or “direct” cremation without a visitation you might want a basic heavy duty cardboard “alternative container”. You can purchase a cardboard casket for under $100 or you can spend a few hundred dollars on inexpensive wood caskets. Most commonly used woods are veneer, plywood and fiberboard.

The casket must be fully combustible and leak proof with no metal parts. Fabrics and linings are optional and must meet cremation criteria.

Cremation caskets for viewing and funeral services.

If you are planning a visitation and/or other funeral services you have a variety of great options for cremation caskets. Many of these cremation caskets are as aesthetically pleasing as the traditional burial caskets at a lower price point.

Jewish casketsjewish casket

You can choose a basic Jewish casket which is designed entirely of pinewood without any metal or foreign parts. These caskets start at about $700 to $2,000.


Green burial “Eco-friendly” caskets

bamboo cremation casketAny green burial casket will also meet the criteria for cremation caskets. They are Eco-friendly and available in a wide variety of natural materials such as teak wood, banana leaf, wicker, bamboo, cotton and wool. All caskets in this green category are suitable for wakes and all other funeral services. They are also quite beautiful. These caskets will cost you from about $800 to $2,000.

Other wood caskets

cremation casketIf you want an elegant casket for public viewing there are some good choices for you as well. These wooden caskets are fully combustible and have no metal parts, but are also very graceful.
They come in many different colors from white to pink to blue and have lots of options such as satin or crepe casket liners and fabric pillows, and are in the $1,500 to $2,000 range. These cremation caskets are almost identical in appearance to traditional burial caskets in a refined, sophisticated way.

DIY cremation caskets

Of course, your last option would be to build your own cremation casket if you are a do it yourselfer. Funeral homes must accept caskets from outside sources if they meet the cremation criteria. They must be fully combustible with no metal parts and completely leak-proof. They must also bear the weight of the deceased. You can find do it yourself cremation caskets online at web retailers.
A word to the wise: you won’t save very much money making your own cremation casket. A few dollars at most and the cremation casket or “alternate” container that you purchase from your funeral home is constructed to industry standards and is guaranteed to meet all cremation criteria.